Reactivity Redux

First Three

Some years back, I wrote a post on another blog, entitled The United States of Reactivity in which I suggested starting a movement to change the motto of the United States from “In God We Trust” to “Closing the Barn Door After The Horse Is Out”.  I think it’s a far more apt descriptor that pretty much sums up the way that we do things here in the good old USA. 

We do love to complain.  And moan.  And wail.  Not too loud, mind you, because that would make us more like those “third world” countries, where people express their emotions and aren’t horrified talking about body parts, and less like the repressed puritan-inspired people that we are.   But I’m getting off track.  We do love to complain, and we especially love to be critical of other parents.   Oh, and we love to throw money at things.

Let’s take bullying…

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