Visible Child, the locally based parent support and child development consultation organization, is available to teach parent-child classes based on respectful parenting philosophies and rooted in the best of child development research.  Currently, these classes are not regularly scheduled, but can be initiated by parent interest.  When classes are scheduled, they will appear here, so keep checking back.  Please email Robin at if you are in the Boston area and think you’d like to help set one up!

Relationship lies at the heart of these classes–authentic reciprocal relationship and communication between parent or caregiver and child.  This is a place where both children and adults can spend an hour and a half each week just being themselves, and learning about one another.  Parents building keen observation skills is the key to that process.

These classes are about support, pure and simple. Support for you, as a parent, as you endeavor to find and use tools that reflect a profound respect for your very young child as a competent and unique human being, deserving of respect, from the moment of birth.

The classes are quiet and relaxed.  Toys are open ended, and to the extent possible, adults sit back and let the children–even small infants–explore.  With the facilitator’s support, we practice allowing our children room to experience their own bodies, natural movement, and interests, without interference.   We do not concerned oursevles with “moving” the children to the next stage of development, but rather, we are focused on trusting each child to be progressing on his or her own unique timetable and appreciating “where they are” right now. We do not focus on “entertaining” our children or keeping them busy or stimulated, as we are aware that for young children, the whole world is stimulation.  We are cognizant that as our children grow, we want our children to know and trust not only us, but themselves.

The group leader offers support, models interactions, and facilitates discussions about your child’s stage of development, social interaction, and what it means to parent with respect and in a proactive way, i.e. in a way that reflects our trust in our long term goals for our children.  Every class allows time for questions, answers, and informal discussion.

Classes  are typically 6-8 sessions.  The group is intended to grow as a community, so in general, drop-ins don’t work.

We welcome your questions! Call, Email, or fill out at the form at the bottom of this page!   (781) 718-5736

If you’re wondering how to compare and contrast what we do to the more typical parent-infant class, you can read more  about that HERE. Questions? Check out the FAQ!


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