Kids are people too…

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Embracing Us

I recently asked my 6-year-old son if he thinks most adults like children. He said no. I asked if he thinks most adults treat children fairly or with respect. He said no. I asked if he thinks adults bully children. He said yes. (He did clarify that he wasn’t talking about me, but what he has observed).

Most of us want our children to be kind, loving, fair, respectful people, yet our actions as adults tell a different story. The vast majority of adults in our society treat children as inconveniences. Children are bullied, bribed, humiliated, and tolerated on a daily basis.

You may not agree. But I challenge you to really think about how children are treated. Would you like to be treated in the way children are treated?

Take a look at these scenarios below:

– A friend comes over for a drink and chat. We are sitting…

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